Pam Jam Tournament

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Tournament Rules & Regulations

Game Rules

Softball Canada and P.W.S.A. playing rules apply including P.W.S.A. Mercy Rule and Rule Differences for U13 division.

All teams must be prepared to start game 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.

Home team decided by coin toss at plate conference.

  • Home team is the official scorekeeper of the game
  • Home team does not bat if ahead at the end of game
    • End of game being bottom 7th inning, Mercy Rule or time limit

No new inning shall start after 90 minutes past the first pitch.

  • Time of first pitch to be recorded by the home plate umpire

U15, U17, U19 and Intermediate teams may choose:

  • Team must decide at or before plate conference:
    • Play game with DP/Flex positions
      • Teams to supply their own lineup cards
    • Bat all players and have unlimited defensive substitution

There shall be no protests – the umpires’ decisions on the diamond are final.


 Teams shall earn 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.  0 points for a loss.

Maximum +/-7 Run Differential maximum per game will count toward standings.

Tie-Breakers in Round Robin will be broken by:

  • Head-to-Head amongst all tied teams
  • Highest Run Differential
  • Lowest Runs Against
  • Highest Runs For

Playoff format varies dependant on number of teams in division.

Divisions with more than 12 teams will have two championship tiers.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to winning teams.

Contact Info

Central East Women's Fastpitch League
c/o Shannon Post, President