This information is a primer for softball associaiton's and softball league's Boards of Directors. It contains links to general information related to good governance, such as incorporation, insurance, personal liability, risk management and confidentiality. The information is exerpted Volunteer Canada's paper "Directors’ Liability: A Discussion Paper on Legal Liability, Risk Management and the Role Of Directors in Non-Profit Organizations", which was funded by the Government of Ontario. Each page has a button to download the original source of the information in full, for those want to deepen their understanding.

This is not legal advice, but an overview of information Directors should be aware of. When making decisions for your own unique organization, it is always best to consult a professional, such as a lawyer.

Need to Know Information

Directors of a Board have a lot to know - they have legal duties, obligations and liabilities and need to follow governing rules. Violations could void your protections and expose you to personal legal liability. This section contains what you need to know to start your role as a successful and safe Board of Director.

Obligations & Liabilities & Protections

Directors need to know their legal duties to a Board, and their protections under a Board.

Managing Personal Liability

Managing personal risk is an ongoing process of knowing how to participate in your role as a Director everyday.

Balancing Transparency, Confidentiality & Privacy

Reduce personal liability by knowing what is shareable, what is not, when and to what extent .