Volunteer Positions

Committee Positions

The league is 100% volunteer run. We strive to provide a quality competitive fastpitch softball experience in our region of Ontario for approximately 450 girls on 30 teams, from 12 associations. The number of volunteers assisting the league directly impacts the quality of the service we can provide to the players, their families and our member associations. If you have the passion and skills to improve the sport of fastpitch softball in our area please contact us about volunteering. The positions below are our core volunteer positions, but we are always open to new ideas if you can contribute in other ways. Please Contact Us to discuss any of these roles if you have questions.


i)     Purpose is to recognize players, teams and associations or others for achieving the highest standards of the league through performance, leadership or service. The committee will advise the league on, and participate in:

(1)  recognizing on-field performance for league, tournament and championship play

(2)  recognizing the service of individuals who have made significant contributions to the league

(3)  organizing and operating any awards process, ceremony or event


i)     Purpose is to grow and strengthen the league by assisting associations and players develop skills to succeed. The committee will advise the league on, and participate in:

(1)  educating and supporting members associations to meet best practices in operations

(2)  building good working relationships with house, select and competitive leagues such that the league can attract new member associations

(3)  supporting player and coach development through supporting member association events, or organizing league-wide events, such as camps, clinics or other activities


i)     Purpose is to ensure the governance of the league is understood and implemented in a manner consistent with the league’s purposes per Section 1 of the Constitution. The committee will advise the league on, and participate in:

(1)  orienting, advising and monitoring the league and its Board of Directors on best practices per the league governance documents

(2)  educating and supporting member associations with meeting good governance standards

(3)  collaborating with the PWSA through its governance documents, policies or in-person discussions to align the leagues operations and decision making


i)     Purpose is to empower players to develop leadership skills through volunteer activities, social events and networking opportunities. The committee will advise the league on, and participate in:

(1)  increasing awareness for competitive fast pitch softball in Central East Region

(2)  creating a nurturing and supportive environment for players to develop and grow

(3)  collectively make a meaningful and consistent contribution to our community

(4)  fostering relationships across associations in the region

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Central East Women's Fastpitch League
c/o Dan Hale, Treasurer

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