At the recent WBSC Congress, several rule changes were approved for inclusion in the 2018-2021 rule book. The majority of these changes were minor and simply served to clarify existing interpretations. However, two significant changes were adopted – one changed the definition of the strike zone and the second updated the pitching rule for both men and women.

At the recent Softball Canada Congress a proposal to implement a one-year trial of these two new rules was discussed at several workshops and unanimously approved at the Annual General Meeting. This trial will be effective January 1, 2018.

It is not anticipated that this new definition will result in a change in the current strike zone as currently applied. Instead, this rule attempts to more closely match the current expectations and application of the rule and allows greater clarity of the strike zone at competitive levels. As previous, umpires are expected to “adjust” the zone to match the level of play at lower skill levels.

Read the full Technical Bulletin 17-1 at Softball Canada.