The new website has launched just in time for the 2018 softball playing season. The website features many new abilities thanks to the insightful feedback from our eleven member associations. The North York Women's Softball League would like to thank everyone who participated in the Website and Communications Survey many months ago! Here is a quick rundown of what you will find in the website.


Contact Information

A massive upgrade to the contact information content. Under the “About Us” menu you will find "Contact Us" pages to make general contact, to track down league executives, reach out to your convenors and a find those elusive coaches/managers in a new Team Directory(password protected). As we have well over 100 adult coaches and mangers in the system, there is an interactive Search Box that lets you search by a team, a division or a specific person. In addition, each association now has it’s own separate page including contact information, website/social links and an area to highlight what makes them unique.

User Friendly

People were unanimous that the website needed to have a simple navigation and a clean design. It is a work in progress but we think is a pretty god start. The design now has black text on a white background to improve readability, and the logo has been modernized to be more readable as well.

Navigation has been rearranged to allow for the expanded content while still being intuitive. Oh, and you can now browse the website in convenience from your mobile phone with the new mobile responsive design. How awesome is that! Lots of backend work still remains to be done like reducing the number of web addresses (in-progress) and a possible renaming of the league. And of course, the website needs to be updated regularly, which brings us to our next point.

Automatic Updates with TeamSnap!!

Every team in the league has connected their team account with the league's account. Thanks to this commitment, the website is now fully integrated with the league TeamSnap, which will automate the updating of key website information that was in high demand when we surveyed the member associations. Things like...

Schedules. Lots and lots of scheduling!

  • League added games are published and changed on the website immediately when the TeamSnap schedule is changed.
  • Team added games will also publish on the website automatically, such as non-league tournament games.
  • Master schedules for each association showing all their teams' games can be accessed from each association page
  • Divisional schedules are listed under each divisions standings showing upcoming games in the division
  • Individual team schedules can be accessed from your association page or the division standings chart

Scores. After scores are submitted to convenors, and they record them in the leagues TeamSnap, the scores will automatically post to  schedules on the website.

  • Updated scores can be found on each individual team schedule
  • Updated scores can also be added to each association's master schedule if desired

Standings. Using the games scores, teams will be ranked in their division and standings will be published to the website immediately when convenors enter the games results. No more late nights updating excel spreadsheets for the league executive and webmaster anymore!

  • This process will be automated using a pre-programmed "points system". Each game result will be automatically awarded points and tallied to determine rankings.
  • Tie breaking rules have also been pre-programmed into the software to ensure standings are accurate.


A new events section has been added where associations can promote their camps, clinics, tournaments, fundraisers and tryout dates. This includes an integrated online registration and payment function with TeamSnap. These features are still being explored.

News and Communications

A new news section has been added where associations can author their own blog articles for the site. Each association will get a website user account to publish there own articles on the site (coming soon). And articles will display in relevant areas of the site when properly "categorized". For example, articles about a Mite team that is added to the Mite news category, will show up on the Mite Division page. Or events news will appear on the events page. And of course, all news will be in the news section. This improves the user experience by putting the most relevant news in the areas that are of most interest to the user. The more associations publish articles the better the website will be for everyone

Future improvements to communications are possible as the website has the ability to connect to social media accounts and an email newsletter (future projects?). And the league now has the ability to directly email all coaches, parents and players in the league (pending discussion and approval by the associations).


Location is everything as they say. Every diamond used in the league has been added to TeamSnap and published to the website, with and address, notes and a link Google Maps. If you're on a mobile phone this will allow you to open the location in your GPS/Maps app and get driving instructions.

Documents and Forms

We've saved the best for last 😉  A feature that nobody requested but we all need from time to time. We are building a section on the website where you can find exiting league documents like minutes, reports, rules, etc. Coming soon!