As you are all aware the government released a new framework of Covid restrictions which went into effect November 7th.

The new system apparently gives the medical Officers the ability to move up or down the restriction scale quicker and more frequently than the 2 week model that has been in use for months now.  This means you will have to check on a regular basis to ensure your are following the guidelines for the requirements in your regions’ restriction measures (Colour).  We have attached a summary of the new legislation as it applies to “Organized” sport only.

As many of you are building your winter training plans, we are learning what will and will not be approved. As such we have attached a template for an addendum that can be added to the P.W.S.A. Return to Play protocols. 

Please send this along with your complete training schedule and the “Return to Open” (Covid documents) for each facility you will be using.  Send this to  Please note the package you send will need to be reviewed and approved which on average is taking about 3 days right now. 

Once approved, and only if you are affiliated and have received your Certificate of Insurance will you receive your Insurance Addendum and be able to begin your training. 

Please ensure you have applied for your third party insurance if required for your facility. The third parties have been averaging 10 days to come in. Please also note we cannot request your 3rd party certificate until you Association is fully affiliated.

Please check the following link for your Regional Restrictions on a regular basis as your insurance addendum is tied to the adherence to these Provincial restrictions.

Addendum to P.W.S.A. Return to Play Template sample

COVID-19 Restrictions New Framework November

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